Standing Acrylic Cbt Board

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This accessory will effectively serve the penis and testicles up on a platter during an erection! The CBT Board is made of durable, easy-to-clean acrylic but comes with a protective wax paper layer to prevent scratching during transport to your home or play space.

  • Just place the narrow pointed end between his legs and place cock and balls on the board for teasing while your bottom is in a standing position.
  • Conveniently placed holes and indentations allow you to creatively wrap the delicate bits to the board with twine or narrow rope.
  • For a different look try strategically placed rubber bands.
  • Available Colors: Black, Clear, Red
  • Try using a RIDING CROP to add even more fear into your subbie's heart.
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days.
  • Made in the USA

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