Sm Rechargeable Power Box

Sm Rechargeable Power Box

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This tiny device packs quite a punch!

  • There is nothing more discrete~use it in public, it looks just like an Ipod touch and is as easy to use.
  • Press up to change the mode (it has 6), down to change the timer, left and right to increase and decrease the intensity (10 possible levels) and it even has a pause button in the middle!
  • Great for massage, forced climax and other sensory persuits
  • This machine has 2 channels with 2.5 plug jack inputs.
  • It is powered by an internal lithium battery charged with a standard USB cable or ac/dc power adapter.
  • Maximum on time without re-starting is 60 minutes for general safety purposes.
  • Two standard 2 pin leads are included with your purchase, and 1 sheet of pads.

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