The AHS skin stapler in sealed package.

Skin Stapler

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The most wonderful thing about these is the fearful anticipation that they will feel as they know they are about to be stapled. With proper technique, the bark is much worse than the bite!

  • Description: Sterile, single use, skin stapler
  • Contains 35 wide medical grade stainless steel staples staple and a unique ratchet system to prevent jamming.
  • Ergonomic, user friendly design.
  • Easy to check remaining staples in cartridge.
  • Clear view on operating site.
  • Short trigger stroke for ease of use and nonstop feed.
  • Angled head allows visibility of incision to ensure precise staple placement. 
  • Remover Not  Included
  • Dimensions: 5.5mm in length, 4mm wide, .6mm diameter
  • Make sure you have some Protex Medical Disinfectant Spray on hand!
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  • Made in USA
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