Silicone Urethral Sound Set

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The graduated sizes allow you to work your way up to the largest diameter. These flexible rods bend with the body, sliding down your shaft for that unique sensation that you crave. Choose from the triple set, or the novelty aesthetic of nails, bolts, and screws. Made of premium, phthalate-free and non-porous silicone, these urethral sounds are easy to sterilize and body safe for an all new sounding experience. 

  • Use with a Water Based Lubricant
  • Available Styles:

    Blue 3-Pack $39.99:
    Each sound is double sided, with a different sized girth on each end.
  • Size Dimensions: each sound is 8 inches in length.
    The smallest has a diameter of .19 inch on one side and .23 inch on the other.
    The medium is .27 inch and .32 inch in width.
    The large is .34 inch and .38 inch in width.

    Black With Bolted 3 Pack $34.99
  • Size Dimensions: each sound is 13.75 inches in length.
    The smallest sound is 0.30 inch in diameter.
    The medium is 0.39 inch
    The large is 0.45 inch

    Black Nail and Screw $29.99:

  • Size Dimensions: each sound is 6 inches in length.
    The Nail is 0.3 inches in diameter
    The Screw is 0.25 inch

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