Real Fur Silicone Tail Plug

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Option #1 Plug 

Each fur tail is connected to a silicone plug in one of three sizes: Small, Medium, or Large! There are also two plug shapes to choose from; ace (a bulbous spade shape) or standard (longer and skinnier).

Note: If you are new to anal play (especially while moving around) we recommend that you choose your plug size and shape on the smaller side until your body gets used to the fullness and movement of the plug.

Option #2- Color

Another part of the magical equation you can create for your fantasy.--you can also choose fur type and colors:

Choices include faux fur in a variety of colors as well as different natural tails, which can be left as is or dyed various colors.
Silver Fox can be dyed to create a hazy, natural color appearance that tend do look more like a black or grey ombre into a brighter color.
White Fox can be died bright fantasy hues.

Option #3 - Length

You can choose the length of your tail by requesting to have multiple tails sewn together (single tail can measure anywhere from 8-17" but can be lengthened with multiple tails or shortened upon request). Typical lengths are single tail, double tail or triple tail, but customizations are possible (allow 6-12 weeks delivery time).