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Like the other restraints in the JT Signature Collection, these ankle cuffs feature exclusive garment leather hand-picked , and designed. Each piece in the collection takes our commitment to high quality, sturdy, and functional bondage gear and focuses it on creating the ultimate expression of luxury and classic BDSM style.

Each ankle cuff is fastened with a lockable buckle, and has a D-ring for easy attachment and anchoring. All hardware on the JT Signature Collection Ankle Cuffs is 18K gold-plated.

Thigh: These thigh cuffs have 18K gold-plated lockable buckles and three D-rings for a variety of attachment points. The positioning possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the limberness of your sub!

Available Sizes: Ankle S/M, Ankle M/L, Wrist,Thigh Small, Thigh Medium, Thigh Large

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