Roll Guard for Wands

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The Roll Guard is a plastic collar that slides onto the top half of your wand, and encourages it not to roll by the simple fact of not being round! It also lifts up the wand a bit, protecting that side switch if you happen to have the BD-10AS model like I do.

This is fully compatible with my Wand Tripod Mount, you can use both at the same time.

This ONLY fits BD-10A and AS wands and the several re-branded versions like Huse etc. It will not fit any solid state wand that I know of. If your wand looks like the one in the picture, it will work. Wand case sizes vary, so yours may be a snug fit a bit higher on the wand, or it may need a little tape under the roll guard for a snug fit. That's something I can't control. E-6000 adhesive works well for a more permanent-ish but removeable installation.

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