Rock A Lash Eyelashes

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Just say YES to the curvy whimsy of Escalando #34... great to pair and double up or just glue to your eyes and go wild!

Rock-A-Lash eyelashes by RockStar are the most durable deal for drag performers, burlesquers, cosplayers and anyone who loves eye drama! Able to be used up to 50 times (average lashes last 1-3 wears max) you will save more by wearing these more!

  • Ultra Lightweight and Dynamic
  • Short and Long Layering 
  • Great for Stacking
  • World's Longest Lasting Lash, up to 50 plus wears
  • Package includes Superior Hold Rockstar Eyelash Glue
  • Extra Large Style Designed by Charles Reger
  • Perfect for Drag Queens, Cosplay, Stage Performances, Dancers, and more

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