Recycled Rubber Petal Slapper

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Agreeable Agony's rubber petal slapper is upcycled from used tire inner tubes and crafted into a beautifully functional gothic fetish toy! A great gift for your kinky tree hugging friend!

  • Petal slappers are a thin rubber paddle stylized to look like the petals of a flower.
  • They only come in one color (black), but like a flower they are all unique in shape and style of the petals.
  • We have everything from small rounded petals to long spikey mean ones.
  • This toy is an interesting mix of sting and thud. Because of the material it is mostly stringy. It leaves wonderful petal shaped marks on bare skin.
  • You could pair this Rubber Petal Slapper with a FLOGGER.
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days
  • Made in the USA

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