Rechargeable 3  AAA Batteries & Charger Pack

Rechargeable 3 AAA Batteries & Charger Pack

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  • GloFX Rechargeable AAA Batteries with USB Charger
  • Designed for use in GloFX Space Fiber products
  • Long-lasting reusable, rechargeable batteries
  • Charger powered by USB cord
  • Kit includes 3 Rechargeable AAAs, Charger, and USB cord

Sick of having to miss your favorite set because you needed to run into town for more AAAs?

Look no further than this affordable Rechargeable AAA Battery Set.This  new Rechargeable AAA Battery Set is meant for those long festival trips where running out of AAA batteries would mean the end of your flow.

Each Rechargeable AAA Battery Set includes three rechargeable AAA batteries, a three-bay battery charger, and USB cord for charging your batteries.

Gone are the days of packing 5 pounds of batteries with your party or festival gear. Here to stay are long-lasting AAA batteries that you can recharge to keep the flow going all night long.


  1. Plug charger into USB port.
  2. Insert all 3 AAA batteries into charger, with the + side facing up. Red indicator light will turn on to indicate charging.
  3. Batteries will be fully charged after 8 hours (note: red indicator light will remain lit)

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