Rave Legstrap Jock System

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Who doesn't want a Jockstrap with light up leg straps and a light-up strip down the pouch that can't help but attract attention to your best assets? The Jock's LED lighting system is sure to please all who want to please you! 
  • Description: Light up jockstrap
  • Occasions: This collection was designed for long-lasting clubwear, festivals, and features the perfect pieces for dancers or stage performers looking to light up their act.
  • Available Color: Black
  • Available Sizes:
    • X-Small Fits 26”-27” waist
    • Small Fits 28”-30” waist
    • Medium Fits 31"-32” waist
    • Large Fits 33"-34” waist
    • X-L Fits 35”-36” waist
    • 2XL Fits 37-38" waist
  • Wash and care: Your leg straps were designed to make wash and care a breeze. Leg straps can be completely removed from the jock strap allowing you to wash your jockstrap waistband in the laundry machine.  
  • How to remove and reattach your leg straps:
    • Leg straps attach to the base of the pouch with a single snap. 
    • The snap can be removed with minimal force by pulling the leg straps away from the base pouch. 
    • Once the top of the leg straps has been removed, simply un-velcro the tops of the adjustable leg straps and slide through the rings. 
    • The leg strap should now be completely separated from the waistband and pouch.  
  • WARNING: DO NOT WASH the lighting component of the leg strap.
    • The lighting component MUST be removed from the leg strap. 
    • Simply push the battery to the side of the elastic strap and slowly pull out the light from the leg strap. 
    • Once the light has been completely removed you can HAND WASH the leg strap in a sink or small bowl with color safe detergent and a washcloth. 
    • DO NOT wash the leg strap in a washing machine or dryer as it will shrink the channel that the light goes in and you will not be able to fit the light and battery back. 
    • After hand washing the leg strap, please lay it out on a dry towel and allow it to fully air dry before gently placing the light back into the light channel.
    • Your jockstrap waistband and pouch are also designed to be machine washable. 
    • Simply detach the leg straps completely and wash the waistband/pouch as needed. 
    • Please wash the waistband/pouch in cold or warm setting only (do not use HIGH heat) and dry using a low heat setting. 
    • Once they have been washed you can then reapply the leg straps and wear them out for your next event.
  • Operation
    • Each leg strap contains a battery charging unit and a lighting component. 
    • To activate the light, press on the button on the side of the battery, which controls the 3 glow modes available on each leg strap. 
    • The three modes are: solid, fast pulse, and slow pulse. 
    • The button is located under the PVC logo patch, on the top of the battery unit. 
    • Press firmly against the PVC patch when the leg straps are set to the desired position on your leg.
  • Charging
    • Every leg strap is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery on each leg. 
    • There is a USB port on the side of each battery. USB charging cables are included.
    • To charge: Simply open the cap on the side of the strap and plug the USB charging cable into the battery. Next plug in the cord into any USB charging port.
    • While charging, the straps will emit a low light. When they are completely charged, the lights will go out and this is a sign that your leg straps have been fully charged. 
    • IMPORTANT: Once your leg straps have been fully charged, please remove the USB cable from the battery and close the protective cover. 
    • The cover protects the inner electronics from moisture. 
    • Do not overcharge your leg straps!
    • Leaving the battery plugged in for longer than necessary will weaken your battery over time.
    • Charging Time: 2 hours of charging time which means up to 6-8  hours of non-stop glow in solid or flashing mode. 
  • Why not pair this jock strap with a Breedwell harness!
  • Breedwell’s LED creations are designed by NYC artists.
  • Out of stock? Only stock items show as available on our website. If you would like to order this in an out-of-stock size or color, contact us via the online chat (lower right corner) so we can invoice you for your requested item.
  • PASSIONAL store warranty on all non sale products is 30 days against any manufacturing defects. 

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