POSH Colorfast Synthetic Jute Rope Bundle

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If you're looking for modern performance, a traditional appearance and an exceptionally soft hand, POSH 3 Strand is it.

  • Polyester threads spun into soft ropes that can firmly hold knots as well as natural fibers
  • Natural style ropes will easily mix well with hemp or jute rope kits
  • Weight bearing loads of a synthetic rope. Originally designed for Tall Ship Sailing, POSH® carries a manufacturer load rating of 554kg  or 1.1Klbs linear and 5.44k or 12lbs N
  • Waterproof, machine washable and great for outdoor or indoor play
  • Extremely dense fine polyester fibers are spun under tension resulting in extremely low elongation, so these ropes will maintain their original length even through heavy use. 
  • Each 30ft length of 6mm POSH® is hand-finished customized
  • These synthetic ropes cannot be dyed.
  • Available in assorted colors including natural and black. Call for color availability.
  • If rope is stiff at first try running in a /no-heat dry to loosen. 
  • POSH stays smooth and does not become fuzzy the way polypropylene ropes (such as HempEx®) can.
  • Holland makes this great handling rope from the finest spun polyester yarns available
  • POSH is used for halyards, sheets, and running rigging on traditional sailboats and dinghies.
  • It's also a great choice as a boltrope for sailmaking as well as interior decorating, garden decor and decorative knotwork with your friends.
  •  You can pair your POSH Colorfast Synthetic Jute Rope Bundle with a sexy Bondage Toy
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days.
  • Made in Holland

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