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Funk Plus

Plain Leather Belt

Plain Leather Belt

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Phone & Wallet Holster Harness

Seems like all the hot guys at IML, Dore and Folsom have the same problem: What do you do with your phone, ID, credit cards and cash when you’re in the tight gear that gets us off.

When you buy gear, you want your chest, ass, and crotch on display. No one wants a bulge that’s not supposed to be there.

Now you can get the solution we’ve been wearing around the store for a while. The Phone and Wallet Holster Harness features a simple figure eight design that frames your pecs and crosses over the back, putting your traps and lats on display.

A functional pocket hangs close to your chest on the left side. One side of the pocket is designed to hold almost any smartphone (fits an iPhone with a standard case perfectly). The other side of pocket lets you stash cash, ID and credit cards. The wallet side of the pocket is cut to hold onto these important items snuggly. You don’t have to worry about losing anything every time you bend over to…um well, YOU know why you’re bending over so often in your gear.
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