Single Wheel Pinwheel

Single Wheel Pinwheel

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How many ways do we love the pinwheel? So so many nerve endings, and so so so little time, so why not keep dozens of stimulating spikes in your toychest when it  is time to play!

  • These medical grade nerve stimulators (also called Whartenburg wheel ) can easily be disinfected or sterilized
  • Lightly applied against the skin they create a tickling sensation similar to a feather or a crawling insect
  • With firm application (or flinching) these can pinch and draw blood, making them ideal for draining bruises or leaving lasting marks
  • A great toy to use in combindation with restraints and blindfolds
  • Multiple handle or wheel colors available with powdercoat
  • Want more sensation, check out our multi-wheel pinwheels
  • Imported from international medical suppliers
  • All PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium merchandise is warrantied against defects for 30 days

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