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Pig Sweat Solvent

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Pig Sweat 10ml is an isobutyl nitrite solvent that promises to exterminate germs in your home.

Surfaces shine up; all sorts of metal gadgets lose signs of deterioration. It has seldom been easier to restore a place to immaculate orderliness.

With so much on the line, you will be pleased to explore all possible solutions when it comes to preserving your various surfaces and making sure they are safe for everyone else by completely disinfeting any surface.

Pig Sweat 10ml is a cleaner’s favorite solvent. Its potency burns through the most intransigent tribe of germs that have decided to take residence in a corner of your domicile.

A few sweeps of the mop and you end up with your place so spic and span that it may have been just bought from the builder!

Not for human consumption

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