Perfect 10 Anal Beads

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Trying to find more pleasure as part of your anal play? 

It's easy to throw around words like "perfect," but these anal beads might actually be the real thing! For a person who has never tried anal beads before or enjoys smaller penetrative toys, the Perfect 10 set offers lots of thoughtful design features. The beads start very small and increase gradually in size, with plenty of room between beads for the anal sphincter to rest and contract. The firmness of the silicone makes this toy easy to guide into the body - but it's still soft and yielding enough for comfortable play. Plus, the slim, cleverly shaped base fits nicely between the cheeks and won't slip from your fingers!

  • Silky Smooth Silicone
  • 10 Graduated Anal Beads
  • Flexible yet Firm for Easy Insertion
  • Sturdy Double Grip Pull Ring
  • Unscented, Non-Porous, and Hypoallergenic
  • Can be Warmed or Cooled for a Variety of Sensations
  • Length: 13.2", Insertable Length: 12"
  • Diameter: Smallest Bead .9", Largest Bead 3.2"

Available Colors: Orange, Black, Magenta, Violet

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