Patchy Paul G5

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With his characteristic little nose this cheeky-fresh original from FUN FACTORY knows just how to pleasure the G-spot and the external erogenous zones.

  • BIG: impressive, rechargeable vibrator
  • STRONG: optimized distribution of vibrations throughout entire shaft
  • Flexible: soft and pliable shaft made of stable silicone for a pleasant pressure on all the erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for HER
  • Powerful: 12 deep frequency, yet quiet vibration programs
  • PATCHY PAUL’s curious nose is always pointed to pleasuring the G-spot
  • Ridging around the tapered silicone shaft makes insertion especially arousing
  • Safe hold and intuitive operation all in one: PRESS FUN TO PLAY with LOOP!

Available in fresh green, neon orange and candy rose.

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