NYTC Lapel Pin

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Did you ever want a pin that discretely says maybe I'm kinky, or I know about the hanky code? Well here it it!

We call this latest creation Top, Bottom, Switch. This enamel pin features blue denim jeans with a red hanky on a slider. The hanky can be moved from left to right or even placed in the middle. Typically a hanky worn on the left side means you are a dominant looking for a submissive bottom and the right side indicates you are submissive and looking to be topped.

Pronoun Pin:

One pin, one dial, three pronouns.

This awesome 8 color pin features three pronouns AND a dial so you can CHOOSE which pronoun you'd like show to the world. Outlined in gold (not real gold) this 2.5 inch circular pin features the three most common pronouns She, He, and They.