Nexus Senior

Nexus Senior

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The Nexus quickly became a classic sex toy because it's a double dildo that really works. Silicone's firm texture provides firm penetration for both partners and the ingenious arc of the dildo ensures the most comfortable positioning possible.

  • This toy works best with a harness for vigorous vaginal or anal penetration, but clever customers discovered button fly jeans will accommodate the Nexus quite securely.
  • "Specially designed for strapping on, the Nexus fits inside you on one end and juts jauntily out-seven inches-on the other.
  • Each side is formed separately, and one is slightly slimmer.
  • We love it's ultraqueer chic: reciprocal pleasure, hands-free functionality, and tasteful marbling." -Girlfriends Magazine , September 2000
  • Curved side: 5-¼" x 1-¼"
  • Straight side: 6" x 1-¾"

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