Mystim Twisting Tom E-Stim Prostate Stimulator

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  • The 4 poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum.
  • Thanks to flex and stay you can bend Twisting Tom in whatever form you desire, the toy will keep this form.
  • 100% medical grade platinum silicone.
  • Cables are not included.
  • Requires 2 mm plug (female). 24 months warranty.
  • Please note you will require an e-stim device like the Tension Lover, or the Mystim Pure Vibes to activate the poles.
  • Dimensions: 13cm by 25 to 37mm, 185g e or approximately 5.11 inches by .98 inch to 1.45 inches, 6.52 ounces standard US units.

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