Mini Pride Flag Heritage Kilt

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Perfect for festivals, camp, the beach, burns, or everyday wear, this killer new kilt style adds a flash of contrasting color or pattern to each pleat on its adjustable body. Like our cargo style, but shorter and lower priced, this affordable and fashionable alternative has detachable pockets that are expandable and can carry all of the necessities in comfort and with security, thanks to the strong snap flaps of the pockets. Whether you need to haul camping tools, toys, recreational materials or snacks, this kilt is tougher than your average fanny pack, stylish, and provides ventilation where you need it most! Both the hip and waistline are adjustable for a comfortably tailored fit.  

The Rainbow Pride version of this kilt debuted in 2016 but did not do heavy promotions due to our Philadelphia's launch of a reimagined rainbow flag with two additional stripes added to promote racial inclusion and diversity. Try as we have to add an additional pair of pleats to this kilt without compromising its fit, we have determined that the addition of a brown Kilt Belt as well as a FREE pair of brown Heritage Kilt Pockets on request is the best solution for celebrating our hometown colors.  Also check out our collections of Philly Pride-colored rainbow Collars Floggers Flags , and Pins . The Pride Kilt colors start with red on either side of the front bib followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pleats in the rear unless otherwise special ordered. 

  • Available Sizes: We stock 28-50", in 16" Length
    Custom sizing available at no additional charge
  • Available LengthsStandard length is 16", but can be specially ordered in custom lengths (allow 8-12 weeks for delivery as special orders take time to make and ship). 
  • Available Colors:
    Rainbow= Black w/ Rainbow Pleats
    Trans Pride= Black w/ Pink and Light Blue Pleats
    Bi Pride= Black with Blue, Purple, Dark Pink pleats
    Pansexual Pride=Black with Light Blue, Yellow and Pink Pleats
  • Special request orders require 4-6 weeks to fulfill (with shipping times not guaranteed during COVID 19 pandemic)
  • PASSIONAL warranties on all non-sale products for 30 days against any manufacturing defects. 
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