Low Profile Mini to Snap Leads

Low Profile Mini to Snap Leads

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Paradise Electro Stimulations offer you one of the most unique methods for connecting your Electrodes to your P.E.S. Power Box: the original P.E.S. Low Profile Leads! P.E.S. Low Profile Leads rise less then a 1/4 inch off of the Electrodes. When "snapped" into place, they allow freedom to move into any position you desire without worry, even sitting or lying on your back. You can even wear your P.E.S. Electrodes under your clothing!

  • These leads have taken Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) to new heights of comfort and mobility. Using a pinch-style connection that has a very low profile as well as being very lightweight, these leads make hooking up any P.E.S. Electrode as simple as "pinch and snap".
  • One pair of Low Profile Leads consists of one 3.5 mm "mini" plug that plugs into the jack on your power source with two wires (either black/red or green/yellow and approximately 48" long) that terminate in a low profile pinch connection. Both of these connections must be connected to a connection point in order to complete a circuit.
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