Living M/s; A Book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships - Dan and Dawn Williams

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Want to learn how to live out a total power exchange relationship that is 24/7? 

Living M/s is a sharing of experiences, what worked and what didn't. In addition, it gives you an insight into their background as to why they wanted their M/s relationship to work the way it did.

Authors Dan and dawn Williams share:

  • The reality behind the lifestyle that so many only fantasize about
  • based on the experience of a couple, who has been living together as Master and slave for well over a decade
  • Challenges of living as a M/s couple
  • Building your own M/s dynamic
  • Changing terminology
  • The communities of M/s and BDSM and how they dance together (and apart)
  • Styles of D/s and M/s
  • Ms and polyamory; leather
  • Orchestrating situations with multiple slaves
  • This book is a valuable resource for beginners
  • Make an impact with a variety of props and tools that are designed to tease and to strike the chords of excitement.
  • Dan Williams (Master Dan) has been actively engaged in the real time M/s community for over a decade. He is the leader of the Leather tribe House Metta and is part of a number of M/s based groups (locally and nationally). He is also an active participant in the Recovery in the Lifestyle group, a 12 step program for those recovering from the disease of addiction and alcoholism and has been ‘clean and sober’ for over 20 years. 
  • Dawn Williams (slave dawn) has been actively engaged in the real time M/s community for over a decade along with her Master, actively supporting a number of M/s based groups and House Metta. She is also a licensed and ordained interfaith clergy and has presided over dozens of ceremonies and rituals for the alternative community. 
  • Publisher: ‎ Nazca Plains Corporation, The; 0 edition (April 9, 2011)
  • Size: 0.41" H x 10.0" L x 7.99" 
  • Weight:  0.14 oz
  • Paperback: 194 pages

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