Leathermans Protocol Handbook John D. Weal

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One man's historical journey of the traditional leather scene, protocols, and the changes that have come since then.

The Leatherman's Protocol Handbook is not only about the authors personal journey since 1968, but also the changes that have occurred through the decades since then. A lot of the "Old Guard" leather history is documented in this book.

  • Protocols, positions, hand signals
  • Differences between rituals, etiquette, and protocols.
  • A documented history of the author's life with the "Old Guard" protocols by someone who has survived to write about it.
  • Learn the three "S"s of leather life and watch how it will change your life forever!
  • Paperback - 168 pages
  • Educational Fetish Book
  • Historical Guide
  • Resource Handbook
  • 2010

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