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Kiiroo Onyx+ & Turquoise Pearl2+ Couple Set

Kiiroo Onyx+ & Turquoise Pearl2+ Couple Set

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Why should you play alone if your partner can play with you?

With the KIIROO® ONYX+ Pearl2 Couple Set you can get all the feels from anywhere in the world.

KIIROO® Pearl2 is a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology.

The KIIROO® Onyx+ is a male masturbator designed with discretion and luxury in mind. The third-generation Onyx can reach up to 140 strokes per minute, allowing for maximum pleasure and stimulation. The new design also features a new rotating motor that continuously works in an up-and-down motion simulating intercourse. You can even control your partner’s KIIROO® Pearl2 from the touch-sensitive pad on KIIROO® Onyx+

  • Description: Onyx+ is a fully automatic masturbator with a variety of manual modes and interactive features. It is paired with the Pearl2, a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology. 
  • Occasions: Great for those who want interactive sex with partner
  • Features:
    • For long distance relationships: this product connects to any other product from Kiiroo and helps you maintain your intimate life from a distance so that you can feel each other in real time no matter where you are. 
    • Users can enable long distance control, synchronization to 2D and VR porn videos and use Pearl2 for interactive webcam shows.
    • For webcam performers Pearl2 will help them make more money as users are able to give control of their vibrator to their fans and use it for interactive tipping. 
  • Product Specs:
    • Pearl2 Product Specifications:
      • Materials: ABS, silicone
      • Finish: Matte chrome for ABS, matt finish for silicone
      • Size: 200 x 39 x 36.5 mm
      • Weight: 139 grams for the device, 159g for device + USB cable
      • Battery: Lithium-ion 540 MAH 3.7V
      • Charging: 2 hours
      • User time: 1 hour
    • Onyx+ Product specifications:
      • Materials: ABS POM
      • Finish: Soft Touch and Glossy
      • Size: 8.9 x 7.9 x 26.3 cm
      • Hole Opening Size: 5 x 4.5 cm
      • Hole Height: 16.5cm
      • Weight: 1.3kgs with box
      • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 1000mAh
      • Charging: 4 hours
      • User time: 1 hour
  • Features of the Feelconnect APP:
    • Available on the Google Play and Apple Store.
    • Feel Your Lover. Besides the ability to take control of your partner's products from a distance, users can also pair their products in order to feel each other in real time no matter how far they might be.
    • Kiiroo’s webcam feature allows webcam models to sync their toys to webcam platforms and get tipped for giving control of their toys to the fans who are watching them. 
    • The webcam business is growing and there is a huge demand for this interactive technology among performers.
    • Feel Videos. The sensations sync with the motions you see on the screen and will make you feel like you are right there in the scene.     
    • Feel virtual reality.  With VR glasses and our toys you can experience high-quality adult videos filmed in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views or even play a VR porn game. 
    • For more information and instructions on how to get started, please visit 
  • Check out our other Kiiroo products. We recommend using your Kiiroo with water based lubricant.
  • Made in Amsterdam.
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