Imported Side Hook Tube Binder

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This small but surprisingly strict imported binder is made with strong nylon, and will flatten the chest even if it doesn't cover all of your mammary tissue.  

  • Tube-top style binding strap with side hooks as closure.
  • A simple, relatively comfortable, lightweight binding option for under clothing in warm weather, with swimwear, etc for those with relatively narrow rib cages. Dressing tip: Connect hooks above or below the chest then pull  up or down over nipples. As long as nipples and the center chest is covered, this will create a masculine silhouette, even if  your body "spills out” the top or bottom slightly.
  • Made with strong nylon.  Care: Machine wash, tumble dry gentle (intimates bag recommended for machine wash to prevent hooks from catching on other garments)
  • Available Colors: Black, Grey, White
  • Available Sizes: Small(31.5”-34.25” bust), Medium(34.25”-37” bust), Large(37”-39” bust), X-Large39”-41.75” bust), 2XL(41.75”-44,5” bust)
  • Warranty information—store warranty on non-sale items is 30 days for any manufacturing defects
  • Please note: Backorders on these items require a shipping time of up to 6-12 weeks. We attempt to keep each size in stock, but if a color is out of stock, consider substituting a different color that is in stock if you need it more quickly.

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