Humiliator System Gag

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This is the original Humiliator Gag Sytem that you have heard about!

This unique Scott Paul Design humiliation system is well known for it’s high quality, and many interchangeable accessories. This exact design is often used in erotic videos and professional photography.  Every item is an original Scott Paul design, handcrafted in their Seattle/Palm Springs studios.

  • Humiliation Gag System
  • Interchangeable Accessories
  • Unique Designs Crafted in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Bases
  • Leather and Vegan Leather Options
  • Create Your Own Fantasy Kit

    Available Accessories:


    This stylish and comfortable gag, has over 15 different accessories that click into the receiver tube. It can be worn for extended periods of time due to its half moon mouth bit that results in less jaw fatigue. The neoprene lining is soft and easy to clean, and protects the skin from the buckle during long sessions.

    Serving Tray-

    This is the most popular of the accessories. This round four inch stainless steel tray comes with a removable rubber pad for easy cleaning. But certainly one would hope there are never any spills.

    Toilet Brush-

    This is certainly the most notorious of all the “Humiliator” accessories. The entire system began with an idea for a toilet brush gag.

    TP Dispenser-

    If you need your sub/slave to perform additional bathroom duties, this is a must have accessory. This accsessory holds a standard roll of toilet paper, it also works well with hand towels.


    This is a classic plastic ash tray seen in many clubs and restaurants. However this particular ash tray is designed for use with both cigars and cigarettes. It’s has a little longer stem to help keep smoke out of the eyes. 

    Feather Duster-

    This is wonderful for the never ending chore of dusting. This feather duster is top quality, using only premium grey and black feathers.

    Boot Brush-

    This is a top quality Star brand boot brush. It features black horsehair bristles, and a hardwood handle. It’s size is 6.75" long X 2" wide.

    Coat Hook-

    A heavy duty chrome coat hook. This coat hook is great for greeting guests at your next party. Also works well as a bath towel hook. 


    This accessory is designed to hold interchangeable Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson brand dildos.  

    Mounting Plate-

    This wicked, heavy duty stainless steel plate can be screwed to any solid surface to create a click-on-hard point. Mount it on a wood wall or into any wood stud in a plaster wall. Your sub/slave can then be stored against the wall while you’re busy, or kept in face bondage for play. You can also attach the plate to any wood floor or to carpet underlayment. This provides a good “face to floor” hard point. And a fine face down, ass up, play position.


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