Healing Sex: Mind-Body Approach Staci Haines 2nd Ed

Healing Sex: Mind-Body Approach Staci Haines 2nd Ed

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Pychotherapist Staci Haines created this encouraging, sex-positive guide specifically for  women survivors of sexual assault who want to reclaim their sex lives. While most books on the topic broach sexuality only to reassure women that it is all right to say "no" to unwanted sex, " Healing Sex" encourages women to learn how to say "yes" -- to their own desires and on their own terms. This mind-body approach to healing from sexual trauma was created by Staci Haines, who has been educating in the area of sexual abuse, sex education, and somatic healing for over 15 years. Her techniques are ideal for anyone looking for a new way to heal from trauma, beyond traditional talk therapy.

Discover how you "checked out" to survive and how you can "check in" now for healing and your own sexual expression. Discover practical tools for healing through triggers while enjoying all the delights and complexities of a fully-embodied sex life. Don't settle for less than you want! Grant yourself permission to cultivate pleasure, sexual delight, and love.

  • Includes sections on safety, semantics, desire, dissociation and more
  • Informs about anotomy, physiological response and pleasure
  • Encourages self-love and self healing
  • Recommends practices and products
  • Illustrated
  • Paperback 267 pages

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