Electrode Cupping Rings-PR

Electrode Cupping Rings-PR

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Do you love to play with your cupping kit for massage and sensation play? Level up by adding electrostimulation!
  • Features:
    These rings don't just have a sheet of flexible rubber tucked around them, they are solid electroconductive rubber rings that snap onto the edge for a perfect fit that doesn't come loose at inopportune moments.
    Use a little gel or massage oil for a great suction seal and/or lubricate the skin to move cups and electrode sensation without breaking the seal
    A great way to combine multiple sensations
  • Sizes:
    XS= 21mm / .8"
    S=25mm /  .9"
    M=45mm / 1.7"
    L= 41mm / 1.6"
    XL=49mm / 1.9"

    XXL = 56 mm / 2.2"         

  • Instructions:
    A. Two points of contact with skin are required to complete an electrical circuit and stimulate the nerve pathways between the two cups (or another electrode of your choosing on the same channel)
    Connect rings to proper sized cups (not included) and  plug in any standard 2mm pin lead to the hole in the squared off portion of the rubber ring. Attach the other end of the lead to your power box (not included)
    Pump the cups so that there is a seal on the skin (lubricating the skin with oil or lotion will allow you to move the cups without breaking the suction). 
    Gently turn on, and up the power on your power box until the electrical pulse can be felt or until there is noticeable movement on the skin- then gradually adjust power to your desired level. 
  • Warning: Play safer!
    Avoid elevated heartbeat interruption: Do not split two cups on the same channel across the nipples or on the palms of opposite hands or the soles of opposite feet
  • Warranty:
    Measure your cups! This personal item is not returnable or exhangeable
    PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratoirum warranties all non-sale merchandise against defects for 30 days (free replacement)
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