Disposable Scalpel

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When you think about scalpels, you immediately picture a medical operating room, with doctors and nurses poised over a patient, and a surgeon making the all-important first cut.

The Disposable Scalpel makes a deep, clean laceration through the skin and tissue. These surgical scalpels are intentionally sharp in order to perform their intended function.

What Is a Disposable Scalpel Used For?

There are plenty of medically-related fields where disposable scalpel and blade uses are advantageous.

  • Bio-specimen processing labs
  • Medical examiner and coroner offices
  • Research and development facilities
  • Veterinary research labs 

Such scalpels are also used in non-medical settings:

  • High school and college labs
  • Film processing labs
  • The electronics assembly industry

If you are using a Disposable Scalpel, make sure you have a Sharps Container on hand.

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