Thunder Leather Finger Loop Flogger

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A great option for folks with wrist, finger, arm and elbow mobility issues, these floggers allow the momentum of the tails to do most of the work! This allows the pitcher to pitch longer and for the catcher to enjoy the snappy yet thuddy sensation of thinly sliced garment leather.

    • Buy in pairs to get a perfect rhythm going between both hands for Florentine style flogging
    • Falls: 22-24 falls at a length at 16-20 inches each (varies depending upon size of individual hides)
    • Tails made from thin strands of garment leather that provide a snappy thud
    • Accessibility: Great for those with smaller hands or wrist/ carpal tunnel issues or anybody who needs a more manageable flogger or persons with difficulty gripping and moving a standard rod handle 
      Endurance: pitchers who want to take the pressure off their wrists for a round between other implements.
    • Options: Finger loops can be removed from the swivel hook that attaches to the tails and replaced with the linkable flogger handle (a $12.99 add on) 
      Also available (similar size/ weight for pairing)
      Combo leather / rubber-
      provides an amazing array of sensations with each stroke
      Soft garment leather
      - provides thud with plenty of snap
      Soft leather suede -
      provides all the thud, especially when you double up and throw two like a mop
      Rubber- easy to clean, waterproof and stingy!
    • Handmade in Louisiana, USA

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