Aluminum Handled Flogger

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We cannot get any more of these gorgeous textured aluminum handle floggers in for the forseeable future, so jump on this chance to get this last piece

  • Handle can be inserted vaginally with a condom (or by removing the hang loop)
  • Small size,falls are around 14-16 inches.Largest diameter is 3/4 in.

    Medium size,falls are about 18-19 inches long. Largest diameter is 1 1/4 and shaped,and cut down after that.

    Large size,falls are usually 19-20 inches long.Largest diameter is 1 1/2 inch,after that sizes vary,and handle is cut into a large variety of shapes,and diameters,made in a variety of leathers,and colors.

  • Soft falls with flat square tips in thick turquoise and deep orange bullhide
  • Handmade in Chicago, USA

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