Conductive Bamboo Silk Rope

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Rope bondage, also referred to as rope play, kinbaku, shibari, Fesselspiele, is bondage involving the use of rope to restrict movement, wrap, suspend, or restrain a person, as part of BDSM activities. This conductive bamboo silk rope is designed for rope bondage with violet wand and electricity play. 

  • Description: Dyed conductive bamboo silk rope
  • Occasions: Perfect for sessions with the violet wand, wearable macrame and a great way to get kinky
  • Materials: Along with Bamboo silk, the rope contains a gold metallic thread that conducts electricity. There are 6 metallic threads in each of the strands to better conduct electricity. 3 strands to a medium to tight twist
  • Care: Condition rope with petroleum jelly or mineral oil after laundering to prolong strength and lifespan of rope. Bamboo is a natural fiber and will degrade over time especially after repeat laundering. 
  • Colors Available: Dark Blue, Red, Royal Purple, Mint Green, Black, White
  • Features: 
    • The rope is made to feel soft and for people who might have allergies to jute and hemp. 
    • This bamboo silk is ready for immediate use. 
    • This product was tested with a violet wand and works best when tied loosely versus tied into a tight harness.
    • The tighter the rope is tied against itself, the more it creates a type of circuit and will not conduct as well, if at all.
    • Standard length is 8 meters but custom lengths can be requested. 
  • Size: It is an 8 meter (approximately 26.25 feet) bundle and 6 mm in diameter.
  • *Be sure to check the knots at the end of the rope before each use as the soft and slippery nature may cause the knots to loosen.
  • **The listing is for 1 bundle of rope.
  • ***This rope is not weight rated.
  • Add a blindfold to heighten the experience.
  • Made in the USA
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