Conditioned Jute Rope 4mm 30'

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Natural fibers such jute are preferred for three reasons: softness (in comparison to a coarser fiber like twine); tooth or the ability to hold a knot; lack of stretch under tension (in contrast to cotton) and less risk of rope burn. This as really excellent tooth; you can feel quite certain that your hitches etc will do the job to hold things in place. Far fewer knots required.
  • It’s generally quite strong; you can usually put it under heavy load with minimal fear of stretch or breakage unless its obviously frayed.

  • Goes well with the traditional shibari aesthetic; has that natural, organic kind of look.

  • Can be either scratchy or soft, depending on the conditioning process.

  • WARNING: Natural fiber ropes and the dyes used to color them may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

  • Available Colors:Assorted

  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days.

  • You can mix and match your ROPE
  • Processed in USA

Care and feeding: Although the rope is machine washable, be warned that the dye may run in the wash or onto the skin the first few times used. After washing and drying, the rope must be conditioned with vegetable oil to prevent dry-rotting which can be a major  safety hazard for persons considering doing weight-bearing or suspension bondage.

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