Agent Noir Electro Erotic Kit

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If your fantasies have ever included being a secret agent, you're going to love this elite electro-erotic device set... the Agent Noir Neon Wand Electrosex Kit! 

Experience electrifying intrigue with the aid of our exclusive new all-black Neon Wand and a custom assembled set of accessories all nestled in a silver combination lock attache case which can be secured to your person with the included set of black semi-gloss double locking handcuffs.

  • Material: ABS Plastic, Glass, Copper
  • Body Safe: Phthalate-free, Non-porous
  • Care & Cleaning: Clean attachments with alcohol or sanitary wipes.
  • Power Source: Corded Plug-In
  • Measurements: Wand - 13" X 8" X 2 1/3"


The Agent Noir Neon Wand kit contains all of the following items: 

The Neon Wand® – A solid-state device with no moving parts, making it possible to move and change the angle of the wand without distracting interruptions or unexpected variations in the output.

The Power Tripper™ – Allows you to generate sensually stimulating sparks whenever - and wherever - your skin comes in contact with your partner's. Just imagine the tantalizing possibilities...including mind-blowing oral electro sex!

The Electro Whip – This multi-chain flogger works great with the Power Tripper™. The handle probe turns the whole body into a lightning rod, and the multi-chain flogger sends elaborate spark sensations through the tiny chain links.

The Bulb – This clear spherical bulb can be attached to the Neon Wand to create an effect similar to that of a plasma globe. More visually striking than seriously shocking, this is a great electrode to lead off with to set the mood for intimacy...or interrogation!

The Comb – This is one of the most popular styles in electro play. The teeth of the comb evenly disperses a soft flow of electricity that can be used to caress and tease and the tip of the comb can be used for a strong and concentrated spark.

The Pinwheel – When using the Power Tripper™ attachment, this metal wheel of prickly little pins can be rolled over a person's skin, generating a somewhat intense shock.

The Tongue – The bulb of this electrode tapers to a snub nosed end, giving it the appearance of a tongue, or a small, electrified snake's head.

The Mushroom – Features a rounded flat-head, emitting a gentle, tickling, wide arc of beautiful blue light to guide your explorations across your partner's sensitive parts, making them squirm with delight.

The Rolling Drum – When using the Power Tripper™ attachment, this compact roller creates an exciting and intense prickling sensation. Roll over the body and watch the sparks fly!

The Probe – Simply drag this glass rod gently across yours or your lover's skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense, depending on the setting.

The 90 degree – With its smaller & precise tip, you can give a more focused and intense sting to your partner by pressing on the exact spots you want them to feel the spark.

Silver Attache Case – Keep your secrets safe with this combination lock padded carrying and storage case

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