ABU Space Print 4-Tape Disposable Diapers 10 Pack

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Calling all intergalactic space rangers! Your help is needed to save the galaxy from pesky green aliens and rid the world of leaks! Luckily, you can do both with ABU Space® diapers! With all over space-themed prints and our super special alien shaped wetness indicator, mommies and daddies will know exactly how their little space ranger is doing in the adventurous fight against those greenie meanies.

With our quick absorbing core and 5000mL capacity, your little ranger will be able to soar through the galaxy longer without any need for those mid-adventure changes!

  • 10 Diapers Per Pack
  • 4 Tapes
  • Tall Leakguards
  • Quick Absorb Core
  • Plastic Backing
  • Front and Back Elastic Band
  • 5000ml Absorbancy
  • All-Over Print Coverage
  • Inside Ink Layer
  • Unscented
  • Fade When Wet

Small: 22-29"

Medium: 31-36"

Large: 37-44"

XL: 45-52"

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