Two 20' leather strops with metal rings on one end and leather handles on the other.

20" Leather Strop

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This leather strop is perfect for keeping your blades or razors polished and sharp.

  • Description: Steel ring on one end, handle on the other 
  • Valuable hunting knives, chef's knives are also frequently stropped.
  • Available Size: 20"
  • Strop width: 2”
  • Using the strop: The following steps are meant as a guide to your daily stropping techniques prior to shaving. We recommend that you develop a method or technique that works best for you.
    • Step one: Attach your hanging strop securely to a wall. Chest height is advised for ease of use.
    • Step two: Rotate the strop so that the leather side is uppermost. This would previously of been prepared with a non abrasive strop balm or paste.
    • Step three: By using the handle of the strop ensure it is fully taunt to gain maximum effectiveness whilst stropping.
    • Step four: Fully open the razor, grip the shaft with your thumb and forefinger. Place the blade on the strop closest to you with the spine of the blade furthest away.
    • Step five: Begin to stroke the blade away from you with the spine of the blade leading.
    • Step six: At the end of each stroke flick the blade over and return with the spine of the blade leading.
    • In the event of the blade being wider than the strop then a figure of 8 or an X technique should be used much in the same way as honing. This ensures that all of the edge of the blade is stropped evenly.
  • You can use this strop to sharpen our selection of knives.
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