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2 Channel 12 Mode Power Box

2 Channel 12 Mode Power Box

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Except for its lack of audiostim capability, this is as or more functional than any box on the market, whatever the price. This power box is the most versatile and powerful box for therapeutic and erotic electrical stimulation. Perfect for delivering mild to wild  sensations, the range and control on this box truly provides "more bang for the buck." Although the unit does not come with a carrying case, the cost of providing your own luggage will more than pay for the options you have with this unit! It is also very easy to use!

  • Features:
    20 different intensity levels + 2 channels and 12 different mode patterns (technically it's 6 modes and 6 "areas" but in function it equals 36 possible pattern combinations).
    4AA batteries or a standard ac/dc adapter (adapter included!) 
    LED indicator lights.
    Uses standard 4mm TENS cables, 2 are included with your purchase.
    2 channels and 12 different mode patterns (technically  6 modes and 6 "areas" but in function it equals 36 possible pattern combinations)
  • FDA approved for electro - muscle stimulation  and massage
  • Six Modes:
    1. Push
    2. Knead
    6. Endurance
  • Operating instructions:
    1. Connect the pads (or your electrode) to the lead wires then peel film from pads (using a skin prep spray will help preserve pads)
    2. Place 2 pads where the massage sensation is desired. then plug the lead wires into one of the channel ports on the box
    3.Turn on device by pressing button in upper left corner to activate the unit
    4. Press the mode buttons to try different modes. Remember that the strength will default to the lowest intensity each time you change modes.
    5. Once you select a mode, gradually increase intensity by pressing + button or decrease intensity by pressing - button
  • Notes and Recommendations: 
    This box has an auto-shutoff timer at 20 minutes for general safety purposes, and will need to be turned back on for extended use.
    Because of the stronger power levels, it may be too intense for some sensitive bits even on the lowest settings. If you're looking for purely sensual stimulation and not more power for insertables, go with the 9 mode power box or rechargeable box instead.
    New to electro-sex? try this unit with the included electrode pads from one channel across your inner thighs and feel the stimulation across your genital/ perineal area (pairs nicely with any additional genital stimulation). Then try moving the pads to other body parts and then consider internal probes!
  • Warnings: Do not split a channel across the front of the upper body in any place that can interfere with the heartbeat (most common across nipples, or on opposite hands/feet)
    Do not use if you have any  heart condition or use a pacemaker.
  • Warrranty:
    Due to the personal nature of this item it is not exchangeable or returnable.
    All PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium electronics are warrantied against defects for 90 days (free replacement)
  • Imported
  • Troubleshooting:
  • Problem



    One pad/ contact stronger than other

    Normal. Different parts of your body react differently

    Nothing except make sure contacts are moistened with Spectra Gel to prevent “hot spots” 

    Sudden, intense burst of sensation

    Electrodes not making firm contact

    Apply a few drops of water to electrode or lubricate with Spectra Gel.

    Unit is on , but no sensation can be detected 

    Both electrodes are not making contact or there is a loose connection or intensity level needs to be increased

    Make sure electrodes are moist and making firm contact. Make sure connections are secure from the electrodes to the lead wires and from the lead wires to the power unit. Increase the intensity level

    Pads to not stick to skin even after cleaning and moistening

    Pad need replacing

    Replace the set of pads or use Tensive adhesive gel until the pads can be replaced

    Unit does not turn on or the screen is dim

    Low battery

    Replace Battery

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