Little For Big Adult Bib

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Adult-sized bib delivers everything you ever envied about real baby bibs.

Vibrantly colored patterns are scaled up to help even the biggest of littlest feel just as babyish as they are inside. Fit snugly against the neck with no vulnerable gap! Bibs are also waterproofed on the backside to prevent spills from seeping through to stain your clothing. Up to 16 inches neck size.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Adult sized bib designed to fit snugly against your neck, just like a real baby’s bib!
  • Long velcro tab allows for an adjustable fit for many neck sizes (up to 16 inches neck size)!
  • Vibrant prints that are scaled-up to make you feel extra small!
  • The back side of the bib is waterproof to prevent spills from staining your clothing.

Available Patterns:

  • Halloween Pattern
  • Zoo Pattern
  • Dinosaur Pattern
  • Cherry Pattern
  • Heart Pattern
  • Gamer Pattern
  • Blue Nursery Pattern
  • Pink Nursery Pattern

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