Pride & Gender Expression - Gaff, Panties, & Padding

Gaffs + Padding Looking for a smoother, more feminine silhouette between the legs for wearing your favorite legwear or body-hugging feminine fashion? Do you seek to enhance or even exaggerate your hips and backside to fit feminine clothing more easily…  PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium offers a collection of gaffs to flatten and sculpt  below  to create a more feminine presentation, as well as padded underwear to expand the curvaceousness of your hips and buttocks.  Gaffs are sturdy garments created to combine and reinforce the practice of tucking and hold any superfluous anatomical bulges  tightly against the body to create a smoother  landscape. Gaffs offered by PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium are mostly made in the USA and are appropriate for  the fashion needs of trans women, drag queens, cross dressers and any other person who seeks expansion, compression or a smoother aesthetic below the waist. Whether you are gaffing and padding for affirmation of your gender identity or non surgical body sculptingor you are looking to create a character for cosplay, drag performance  we offer a range of styles and price points to help you achieve your desired look. For more feminizing fashions, check out our footwear collections as well as wigs and accesssories for other feminizing items that will add flair to your fabulous femme style!

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