Two-Tone Double Belt Dom Harness

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The D rings on the double belts of this harness are a great hitching point for your favorite pair of floggers. This harness allows the wearer to be adorned in leather without being designed for use with a leash or toy. 

A female harness that sets under the chest, colorful garment leather is the base with a sturdy 2-3oz black leather on top. With two belts around the waist and two at the shoulder for full adjustment. A total of 4 D rings on the front and two in the back this harness it is perfect for play time. Just use a double sided clip to keep your impact toys close at hand during a scene. Or the D rings can be used as tie down points to clip cuffs to. Both belts at the waist are fully removable so they can be worn with your everyday clothes.

Available Colors:Black / Teal ,Black / Red ,Black / Orange ,Black / Yellow ,Black / Turquoise ,Black / Purple, Black / Burgundy ,Black / Green

Available Sizes: One Size, Custom

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