Latex & Rubber - Intimates for Him & Them

There are  many hot rubber looks that men will find here. Plus, for those with varying gender identities, PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexplroatorium offers a collection of Packing Tools that may assist you in filling out the exaggerated bulges and contours of these rubber intimates. 

Made with our deproteinized safer rubber (for those with sensitivity to latex), or European latex, this collection features traditional manly intimates like  jocks, briefs, trunks and cod pieces, made in an array of colors with polish-ready natural latex rubber. 

Note: Like other latex products you cannot use massage oil or oil-based lotions on your body and then wear latex clothing without causing damage. Buy a dressing aid, or use silicone lubricant on your skin for ease of dressing (note: do not use silicone lubricants containing the oil based Vitamin E directly on latex because even that small amount of oil can cause damage over time)