Bead Handle Evil Carbon Fiber Mini Sticks

Bead Handle Evil Carbon Fiber Mini Stick

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These carbon fiber sticks are just plain EVIL!!! 12 inches of carbon fiber. Lay them flat against the skin, pull the tip back and SMACK! Guaranteed to make the bottom jump, with an instant mark!

Built with beautifully intricate designed metal beads as a handle gives the stick a nice weighted handle as well as making the entire stick conductive directly from the handle, instead of reaching a finger around the handle materials. YES! Carbon fiber is conductive! Add a new element to your electro play!!!

Every handle’s bead pattern on each stick in unique. There are no 2 that are the same. Becuase of this, customizing your order is extremely difficult. When ordered, you will receive a RANDOM BEAD PATTERN HANDLE.

  • Description: Metal stick with a variety of uses
  • Occasions: Great for smacking body parts and whipping through the air. Makes a great hair stick for holding a bun in long hair, making it always handy
  • Material: Carbon fiber shaft, some with beads on the end
  • Features: 
    • Carbon fiber shaft is stingy and virtually unbreakable when snapped but is relatively mild when tapped or poked from the end.
    • Beaded end options make a great thud when snapped against the skin, sometimes in interesting shapes. Beads also make a good grip when held in the hand to snap the opposite end.
    • Can easily slip into any pocket or purse or glove compartment or saddle bag!
    • Two of these make great hair sticks
  • Available Options: Beaded handles are assorted
  • Electroconductive shaft is a great accessory to violet wand play
  • Handmade in USA by Chris Holo
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