A variety of Color Filled Lexan Canes.

Color Filled Lexan Cane

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Unique filled Lexan canes that are hard to break but make an impact!

  • Description: Color filled cane with a black handle 
  • Occasions: This is not a cane for novice tops, new cane bottoms, or bottoms with low pain thresholds; this should only be wielded by tops who know how to cane safely, playing with bottoms who enjoy at least moderate pain. 
  • Material: Lexan, the world’s most versatile and widely used plastic.
  • Handle Styles Available:  Basic Handle, Braided Handle
  • Colors Available: Call for color / stock availability. 
  • Please note - Glow/Photoluminescent fill is only available in:  
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Aqua (daytime: suicide/gray, night: aqua glow)
    • Purple
    • Pink
  • Care: Wash with warm soapy water, dry it with a cloth or paper towel, and store it dry in a safe place. 
  • Sizes Available: Readily available in 3/8" x 24" (0.95cm x 60.9cm) with a standard Black Grip Handle. Braided Ergo handle design and/or 30" (76.2cm) length will need to be made so may take a bit longer to receive.
  • Pair the Color Filled Lexan Cane with a BLINDFOLD for the ultimate effect.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Out of stock? Only stock items show as available on our website. If you would like to order this in an out-of-stock size or color, contact us via the online chat (lower right corner) so we can invoice you for your requested item.
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all non-sale products against defects for 30 days. 
  • Due to the personal nature of this item, PASSIONAL will not accept returns on non-defective merchandise.

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