Angel Hair Flogger

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Looking for a colorful and waterproof impact toy that is more tease than torture? These imported bungee floggers are convenient, affordable and fun to play with!

  • Vegan synthetic rubber (latex blend)
  • Bright, sometimes UV reactive colors
  • Two sizes
    Mini Keychain size 6"falls, 3"beaded handle for close up genital and nipple play
    10"falls, 5"beaded handle for teasing and light flogging of back / buttocks
  • Waterproof, submersible
  • Tickling to mildly stingy sensation when applied
  • Added sting if applied while wet
  • Affordable enough to collect every color
  • Grab some more IMPACT TOYS to play with!
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days.
  • Made in China

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