Unique Flogger Head

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Turquoise Bull Hide flogger comes stock with 30 1 inch falls 18 inches long. We use 6-8 ounce bull hide leather to hand make each flogger head. As always, this flogger head will attach to any of our handles. Heavier than cow hide, more textured than the bison, bull hide will provide a nice thuddy impact with just a little bit of sting to it.

Braided Flogger: Head has 9 braided falls that are 18 inches long. Also called a Cat O’ Nine Tails, each fall is braided and finished by hand. 

Deer Head: This head has an incredibly soft feel with a very nice thud on impact. There are 30 18″ long 1″ wide falls using nearly half a deer hide.

Available Colors: Black

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