Chainmail Ball Flogger

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Looking for the maximum thud on a toy that packs a plethora of punches when applied, but a chilling tickling sensation when swept gently across the skin? This is the one!

  • Waterproof aluminum chaimail
  • Lifetime warranty from Pendragon Chainmail
  • Super thuddy bundle ends are great for impact play
  • Surprisingly lightweight for a metal implement
  • Electro conductive and great with violet wand style elctric sensation toys
  • Can be heated or warmed in a food cooler for temperature play
  • Can be customized to any length or other specification (allow 4-6 weeks for custom order esp. around the holidays
  • A perfect match to Pendragon's chainmale tops, belts, harnesses and whips
  • Available in silver aluminum chainmail for now- annodized colors a posssible future pursuit
  • Hanmade by lifestyle kinksters in Ohio, USA



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