The Astro - 1/4" x 24" synthetic ultem BDSM spanking cane

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The Astro, perhaps even more space-age than its namesake, is the first BDSM cane we've ever seen to be made from Duratron (aka Ultem) polyetherimide, an incredibly tough industrial polymer that's existed for only a few years. A truly vicious cane of the stingy-yet-firm variety, Astro is a quarter inch thick and 24" long from tip to tail, handle included.

  • This is /not/ a cane for novice tops, new cane bottoms, or bottoms with low pain thresholds; this should only be wielded by tops who know how to cane safely, playing with bottoms who enjoy at least moderate pain. 
  • The Astro gets very painful very fast if wielded with any strength, and like most stingy canes with any weight, it can draw blood. 
  • Duratron is used in manufacturing high-reuse medical equipment requiring repeat sterilization; it's moisture-resistant, significantly more flame-resistant than other common plastics, easy to clean/sterilize between partners/scenes, and thus safe to use with multiple consenting partners. 
  • It's far tougher than materials like rattan, bamboo, or acrylic, and there is essentially no danger of it breaking on a bottom's bottom during even the most vigorous caning scene.
  • The cane's moderately flexible shaft is a unique translucent amber (faintly stamped with the material's specifications along part of its length by the manufacturer).
  • Sensation-wise, our Chief Masochist says that the Astro, despite its flexibility, has an interesting solid/firm quality to its sting. 
  • Compared to strikes from polypropylene or even acetal/delrin canes 1/4" thick, a strike from the Astro has a bit less bounce, giving it an instant, relentless-feeling fierceness that builds very quickly with repeated strikes. 
  • It goes from 0 to 60 noticeably faster than more flexible materials like polypropylene. 
  • Pair the Astro with a BLINDFOLD for the ultimate effect.
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