Hegar Double Ended Sound

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Curious about urethral insertion, but feeling a bit unsure? When properly applied, these smooth, stainless steel dilators also known as sounds should feel like a firm slippery tongue gliding down the inside of your urethra! Use generous amounts of lube, and keep the sexual energy turned up on high, and sounding might turn into one of your new favorite pastimes!
  • This economy kit comes includes 8 Urethral Hegar Sounds are 8"long in an attractive velvet lined leatherette zip case.
  • 8pcs /kit
  • Size: 8"double ended graduation with each end measuring 4"
  • Approx 3/16" in diameter to about 1/2"
  • Each sound comes in different french diameter # "s measured in french scale starting from 3/4 fr all the way up to 17/18fr for those who seek a fuller penetrative experience (note: the larger sounds can be for vaginal or anal penetration- sterilize between uses if using vaginally or anally as the urethra is more prone to infections than other parts of the body)
  • Carefully clean (even sterilize if using on multiple partners) between uses.
  • Each sound is electroconductive and can be used as a unipolar electrode by attaching electrode pads
  • Lose your dilator inside of a penis? Don't panic, gently push it back out from under the testicles.
  • Warning: Use lots of lubrication and go very slowly allowing the weight of the dilator to "fall into" the uretrha-- do not push or force the penetration in  to minimize risk of injury. There are multiple injury risks associated with jamming a dilator toward the bladder, some of which can be deadly!


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