Blacklight Circuit Harness

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A harness that defines your delts, trains your traps, and chisels your chest.

 In the light of day, you’ll be a bad-ass struttin’ your stuff. Under a UV/Blacklight, you’ll be a sex demon drippin’ in NEON … and other fluids. The harness wraps you in neon that is vibrant under natural light and will make you vibrate under blacklight.

  • High-End, Durable Elastic
  • Blacklight Reactive
  • Comfortable Design
  • Customizable Description Strap (sold separately)
  • Chrome Finishes
  • Leather and Canvas Strap w/ D-ring

Circuit & Cyber Harnesses

  • TWINK-  Chest 33"-37"
  • S/M-    Chest 37” - 41” 
  • L/XL-  Chest  42”- 48” 


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